Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another World by Pat Barker

Dare I say it....I found it more compelling a read than "Regeneration Trilogy"...only I suspect because the style seems to be so much easier to read. She certainly has a good understanding of people. I think I need to read the trilogy again to check out all the references to Geordie.

There will be rainbows by Kirk Lake

A biography about Rufus Wainwright which confirms the crazy life he had growing up and maybe excuses some of his actions. It's not at all sensational and rather assumes the reader knows all about when Rufus went crazy on crystal-meth so only refers to it as a part of the biography rather than writing a story full of the gory details. A lot is written about his father, mother, aunt and sister, all famous in the music business and all with their own strange behaviours. I really enjoyed reading it.

Two Caravans by Marina Lewycka

Read this ages ago and only just got round to adding it to Beck Book Club. Very similar to her "Tractors" book and equally amusing. It's a quick and easy read about a group of migrant workers who come to England in search of holiday work.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Reluctant Fundamentailist -Mohsin Hamid

A great read (read it all on the flight to salzburg, leaving me with nothing to read IN salzburg). A great story, and the style is compelling. I thought the politics really moving and now really want to know what other people think of it.


Eclipse - Stephanie Meyer

Yes, I read the third one. Still enjoyable, although with this book I started to get more irritated with the gender politics and not so sure about it being targeted at teenage girls (the theme of which of these two men will you choose to protect you started to grate).
Still, I will be reading the 4th...


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Secret Scriptures - sebastian barry

This was a book club book. can you guess it was told by 2 people?? A woman who had been in a mental institution for 80 years and her doctor.

Mark read it just before me and didn't guess the ending until right at the end.. he obviously didn't have his feelers out because I thought it was very predictable.


19th Wife - david ebershoff

Picked this up as a 3 for 2 at blackwells.

About a sect of mormons. Like everything else I'm reading at the mo, it's several stories linking together although rather than 2 people telling the same stories this is 2 historical stories that mirror each other.

I really liked it and it gave me quite an insight into polyomy


This Charming Man - marian keyes

Similar to her other novels, a story about ladies with slightly dark undertones.

written from 3 different women's points of view, who all know the same man. Seems unrelated until the middle of the book and then it all starts slotting into space.