Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Ghost Road by Pat Barker

The final book in the trilogy and probably the best I think. Not sure how much of it is fact, I now need to read the book written by Rivers' sister which is about their connection with Lewis Carroll.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The amazing adventures of dietgirl - Shauna Reid

Elaine lent me this saying she thought I'd like it and praising it muchly.

Started it monday night, finished it thursday night and I had to go to work inbetween.

VERY VERY funny. About a girl in aaustralia who looses half her body weight (25 to 12 stone) but also discovers self confidence. she wrote a blog about it and then published all the blogs in a book.. so a bit like bridget jones but real.. and much easier to relate to.. and much better.

made me laugh out loud, and cry a couple of times.. and I dont' want to admit to how many times I emailed E to tell her I'd found the line I most related to!!


The parasites - Daphne du marrier

Brought this to go to France and then didn't get round to reading it until last week.

Fabulous DdM as ever.. no scandalous ending or freakery that was just sneaking up on you, but still really enjoyed it.

About a family in the 1940s.. they had rich parents and are accused of being parasites.. the chapters alternate between what they are diong now (to deserve the title) and their life when they were growing up..


Friday, January 16, 2009

The Eye In The Door by Pat Barker

Second book in the Regeneration trilogy, and another good read. Excellent portayal of all the issues for soldiers and civilians in the first world war. Sounds boring but it is a very good story line, especially if you have read the first book, Regeneration. V tempted to read the third book NOW!


Groupie by Jenny Fabian

Quite a rubbish book so very easy to read quickly. It was written in the 60s by a girl, based on her life as a groupie. The only reason I wanted to read it is that the main group in the book is based on Family. I had difficulty spotting who were the other groups in the book as she uses pseudonyms.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Resistance by Owen Sheers

Last month's book club book and not one I was looking forward to reading, so I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy it so much. It's written as if the Germans won the Second World War. A group of soldiers end up in a Welsh community, where the men have left to fight in the resistance. Sheers has written several poetry books and has quite a beautiful style of writing.